Diagnosing and Treating Aneurysms in Charlotte, NC

An aneurysm is classified as an abnormal enlargement of the arteries. If left untreated, an aneurysm can rupture and be fatal. Aneurysms oftentimes do not display symptoms, but when they do, they manifest in the form of blurred vision, drooping eyelids, dilated pupils, and weakness or numbness on one or both sides of the body. In order to look for an aneurysm, doctors will have the option to perform a variety of different tests. CT scans will often be the first performed to see if you have bleeding sections in your brain. Afterwards, you may need to have a cerebrospinal fluid test done, which is only performed depending on what can help narrow down the symptoms. Other tests can include having an MRI performed or a cerebral angiogram, which will help the doctor analyze the condition of your brain without the use of larger machinery.

At Metroview Vascular, we diagnose aneurysms and offer treatment options including open surgery, or stent-graft. These procedures are performed in the hospital.

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