Metroview Vascular and Surgical Specialists

Our Mission Statement:

To provide the most effective, comprehensive, and “State of the Art” surgical care with compassion.

The Metroview Vascular and Surgical team takes our mission statement to heart by offering effective and comprehensive surgical care, and a dedication to maintaining a reassuring and compassionate environment for our patients. Providing accurate diagnoses is the crucial first step in our dedication to you, and we ensure that preliminary results and official interpretation are transcribed within 24 hours. From the foundation of accurate diagnosis, we continue to keep your health and your concerns in mind, throughout the entire process of treatment and ultimately recovery. It is our attention to you, our compassion, that truly sets Metroview Vascular apart. more


Vascular tests performed by our Registered Vascular Technologist commonly diagnose:

  • Arteries:
  • A) Claudication: pain in calf when walking
  • B) Aneurysm: abnormal enlargement of the arteries
  • C) Blockage or Stenosis - leading to stroke or gangrene
  • Veins:
  • A) Varicose Veins & Spider Veins: large blue veins that bulge through the skin

The majority of these diseases of the veins and arteries can be treated in the office-based out-patient setting. It is safe and very convenient to the patient, providing exceptional cost savings to both the patient and to the insurance companies.

Surgery Services

Metroview Vascular offers a large scope of vascular surgery services including both open (conventional) and endoluminal (stent graft and balloon) method of surgical treatment for vascular diseases. Vascular surgeries we routinely perform include: Bypass and Endarterectomy, Thrombolysis, Stenting, Balloon Angioplasty, and Varicose Vein Ablation-laser therapy.

We also provide General Surgeries including: Thyroid and Parathyroid, Esophagus, Stomach, Gallbladder and Liver, Colon and Small Bowel.

Metroview Vascular also performs Trauma Surgery including unfortunate accidents, gun shot wounds, and stab wounds.

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